Promotions Manager: Kathryn Lenker ’20

Kathryn Lenker ’20 is a Biology major on the Pre-Veterinary track from Malvern PA. She has been working with WVBU since the Spring Semester of 2017. After speaking with her parents about the popularity of WVBU in the 1970’s, she decided she would try it out. After a short few weeks with a co-host on Amateur Hour, she began her solo show, Rush Hour Calm Down

“The variety of shows I host allows me to really explore my taste in music as a whole. As an on-air DJ, I have to ask myself ‘What do I like right now?’ and shortly after, ‘Would other people like this stuff too?’. After all, WVBU does serve the community as a whole.”


As the Promotions Manager, Kathryn runs the station’s social media, spotify account, on-campus promotions, and works as a liaison with the University Administration. She is currently working to increase the popularity of WVBU among students at Bucknell.

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