DJ Trainer: Hana Sawanobori ’18


Hana Sawanobori ’18 is Global Management, French double major from Maryland. She started with WVBU in the Spring of 2015, and became a member of the Board in Spring of 2016 as the DJ Trainer. From the basement of Roberts, to that of DU and onto Stuck House, she has always found WVBU an escape into music and into radio. Her and her co-host, Stef Alpert, have had their show together, Helen & Linda (previously Red Bedroom Records), since 2015. 
“That one hour a week in the studio is my time to focus only on the music, the artists, and the fun of having my voice broadcast to listeners on the air. As the DJ trainer, I get to come in and train anyone interested in joining our WVBU team. It’s a great opportunity to help build WVBU and the diversity of our music, while getting to know more people on campus who appreciate music as much as we do.”
Hana is sad to be leaving after this last year at Bucknell, and is seeking a DJ Training Assistant to take her place upon second semester. 


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