Promotions on WVBU

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WVBU offers promotions for Bucknell and other local events, contingent on a member of our staff being available to review the promotion and enter it into our system. These are not commercials, but short informational blurbs.

A total of one promotion is played every hour and is subject to the following restrictions, in accordance with the status of WVBU as a non-profit:

  • A maximum of 36 seconds in length
  • None of the following may be included:
    • Calls to Action
    • Comparative Claims
    • Qualitative Claims
    • Price Information
    • Credit Terms or Leasing Information
  • It should not sound like a commercial

To submit a promotion, please either send a recorded audio file or a script fulfilling these requirements to All submissions are subject to review by WVBU staff.

In order to make sure that every organization gets an equal opportunity to have their promotions on air, each organization can submit one promotion fulfilling these requirements, and we can support a maximum of six promotions in our rotation at a time. Each promotion can be on air for one month at a time. If there is room in the rotation at the end of the month, the promotion can be extended. We recommend that a promotion is submitted to us for review and insertion into our system at least two weeks in advance to ensure that we will be able to get it on air in time.